Courses I teach at UWM:

Anth/Chem/BioSci/CrmJst 281: Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Introduction to Forensic Science

Anth/Chem/BioSci/CrmJst 285: Medicolegal Death Investigation

Anth 301: Human Evolution and Variation

Anth 402: Primate Evolution

Anth 403: The Human Skeleton

Anth 405: Forensic Anthropology

UWM's Center for Forensic Science

I coordinate the multidisciplinary Center for Forensic Science at UWM, which offers certificates for undergraduate students in Forensic Science, Medicolegal Death Investigation, and Forensic Toxicology. Our forensic science program has strong collaborations with local institutions such as the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office, Wisconsin State Crime Lab, and others. Internship opportunities are available!